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Entrance examinations - intake 2017

Entrance examination invitations are posted by email from week 12 onwards.

All universities of applied sciences arrange entrance examinations. All applicants who have demonstrated their eligibility will be invited to the entrance examinations.

Degree programme Exam place Finland Exam places abroad                      Country (CITY) pre-reading material CO-operation with the finnips and other uas´s

20 April 2017, Rovaniemi
Viirinkankaantie 1

You will inform on your application the exam venue  There are no specific pre-reading materials  Co-operation with the Finnips network
International Business
19 April 2017, Rovaniemi
Jokiväylä 11
You will inform on your application the exam venue  Pre-reading material, publish 10.1.2017  Co-operation with the Finnips network
Nursing 18 April 2017, Kemi Meripuistokatu 26 You will inform on your application the exam venue. (see the list of venue ) There are no specific pre-reading materials

Co-operation with the Finnips network

Co-operating UAS´s

Business Information Technology The applicant must provide a link to the video. It can be published as a private video in YouTube. This video has to be available latest on 12.4.2017. The applicant is not allowed to remove this video until 31.5.2017 Lapland uas/BIT has own exam

International Business Management


18 May 2017, Tornio Kauppakatu 58 Lapland UAS will not arrange exams abroad

Lapland uas/IBM has not specific pre-reading materials

Instructions of  advance assignment will be sent with invitation letter

Lapland uas/IBM has own exam


Lapland University of Applied Sciences cooperates with other universities of applied sciences in the entrance examinations (see www.finnips.fi ). This means that Lapland UAS accepts the entrance examination of the same educational field completed in another UAS in Finland. Please, note that some universities of applied sciences require that you participate in their own examinations.

After applying for admission according to the set procedures, all eligible applicants will be invited to take part in entrance examinations. The entrance examination can be taken either in Finland or outside Finland in one of the countries where FINNIPS organises them. The exam country can be chosen in the application form.

In spring 2017 the network will arrange entrance examinations in twelve countries outside Finland (see the list ). The exams will take place during the first two weeks of April 2017. More detailed information about the country-specific exam dates will be published prior to the application period.

Some universities of applied sciences arrange entrance examinations only in Finland. Please note, that the universities of applied sciences cannot and will not in any case influence the decisions made by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland in regards of visas.

Applicants applying from these countries will get detailed information of the exam in the invitation letter.

From the site www.studyinfo.fi the applicants can also check which Universities of Applied Sciences/degree programmes arrange entrance exams abroad.

The pre-reading material - International Business (BBA)
Co-operating UAS´Bachelor´s Degree Programmes
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