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Separate right to study at Lapland UAS

The purpose of separate right to study is to allow students s to apply for the right to study without having to participate in normal student selection.

The applicant passes a possible interview or entrance exam.

The unit’s resources suffice to accept the student into the degree programme/option.Healthcare degree programmes have health-related requirements. Applicants are asked on the application form about health issues that may be an obstacle to studying. An earlier decision to revoke the right to study may also be an obstacle to student selection. Applicants are asked on the application form about earlier revoking of the right to study due to health status or endangerment of other people’s safety. (L953/2011)

Grounds for selection

Grounds for selection regarding separate right to study:

1. The right to study in order to complete their studies

The applicant will continue studies in the same Bachelor’s or Master´s degree programme started earlier in Finland, or in an equivalent programme, with the intent to complete the degree programme. In contrast to a transferring student, a student applying for restoration of the right to study does not have a valid right to pursue a degree in the degree programme to which he or she is applying.

The applicant has lost the right to study for one of the following reasons:

  • he or she has resigned from the degree programme or
  • his or her right-to-study period has expired or
  • he or she has been recorded as resigned because he or she has neglected to register and his or her right to study has expired.

No more than 120 credits of studies may be missing from the degree at the moment of applying. Studies completed in an open university of applied science are also taken into consideration. A student applying for separate right to study in a Master’s degree programme does not have a credit requirement. The studies may also have been completed in another university of applied sciences.

2. Applying with Bachelor or Master degree

The applicant has Bachelor of Master degree and his/her a personal study plan (HOPS) is 120 credits or less. Student places
are limited.

Application process

You can apply www.studyinfo.fi . You can find us when you type in the search field of Lapland University of Applied Sciences and choose the education which you are applying, as well as after the search in a separate study right - Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

Apply online 1.5. - 15.5. or 1.11. - 15.11. - WWW.STUDYINFO.FI

The following appendices must be delivered to the Admission Services (address Lapland UAS, Admission Services Jokiväylä 11 C, FI-96300 Rovaniemi or admissionssähköposti.jpg)

  • a current transcript of credits
  • a certificate indicating the date of resignation
  • a plan for completing studies
  • Bachelor of Master degree certificate

Note. A student who has studied at Lapland UAS earlier does not need to submit a transcript of credits.
The right to study can be applied for beginning from the start of the next semester.

How to apply separate study right

  1. Go to the website www.studyinfo.fi
  2. Write "Search for study options" field of Lapland University of Applied Sciences and press the Search button
  3. Find from the list that appears, the degree programme you want to apply eg. Bachelor´s Degree Programme, Nursing
  4. Search "Separate right to study"
  5. Open button "Fill in the application form"
  6. Send necessary annexes by the deadline to the Admission Services
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Additional information


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Head of education Kirsti Ylipulli-Kairala

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